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Britz Wax

As one of the pioneers in modern development of palm applications in candle-making, our passion for palm wax started at the turn of the millennium. We began our work by developing and supplying palm wax in the industry and by mid 2000’s, we had set up a purpose-built palm wax manufacturing facility in Malaysia with annual capacity of 25,000 metric tons. Products like BW701BWC07 and BWC09 which we developed in the early years are still going strong today and remain popular among candle-makers due to their specific qualities and versatility.

Today, we produce and supply our waxes from our facilities in Malaysia and Indonesia. Our facilities and access to materials enable us to work with our customers to codevelop customized formulations to meet specific technical requirements of different production processes and product types.

Apart from palm wax, we also work with producers in South East Asia and China to provide our customers with options of paraffin and synthetic waxes.

About Britz Group

Britz Group traces its root to the early 90’s. We started with plantations and ventured into oleochemicals distribution in the late 90’s. In 2003, Britz was born to cater for the rapidly expanding business in oleochemicals trading and distribution. Today, we create, formulate and distribute various base and functional chemicals for our focus markets: oleochemicals, waxes, oils & fats and animal nutritions – with an advocacy for sustainable living, technical excellence, reliability and innovation in the products we create.
Headquartered in Malaysia, Britz’s locality and its proximity to major sources of raw materials allow it to operate an efficient supply chain, with a global network of suppliers and customers in over 50 countries. Our production facilities in Malaysia and Indonesia give us the capacity to tailor our products and services according to the needs of our partners and customers, such as customised formulations and other value-added services, which are keys in our overall value creation



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